Director Desk

In this situation of global health crises,we request you to adhere to all the guidelines laid down by WHO as a precautionary measure.Children can utilise this quarantine time to focus on better learning and growth and invest time in reading, writing, music, painting and other family activities.

I pray for the well being of all your near and dear ones in these difficult times. The Corona virus outbreak is an unprecedented medical emergency being faced by the world and it concerns us all. I am sure as parents you must be striving really hard with demands of work and childcare during lockdown period. ..

I want you all to be rest assured from our side that our team will leave no stone unturned to bridge every gap of this Academic session.

As promised always to keep our students Academics updated, and provide all possible facilities in the best of our capabilities teachers are working very hard to meet the academic needs of our children during this challenging and unprecedented time in our world.

John dewey From 2 April 2020 we started sharing chapter wise notes, videos of all subjects in virtual classes. Parents are requested to set a time at home and ensure they utilise this opportunity judiciously.Also, be generous to understand that our teachers are doing their best to provide digital learning in the limited resources even they have in their home quarantine we are certainly not looking for perfection at this moment.

We need to join our hands together in this adverse situation to help our students to learn and value time.Initially after a few expected hiccups and glitches of the Online teaching and learning now things become smoother with practice. Therefore I seek your patience and cooperation. We will also be constantly working on your feedback to help provide a seamless experience to our learners at home!

Remember, though it’s a difficult journey for all of us but for our children, we need to be the navigator to sail through. Extend unconditional care to inspire them to be compassionate.

We are eagerly waiting to welcome our students after this lockdown period is over.

Parents Don't worry, we will not let the COVID-19 shutdown learning for our students!

Stay indoors!

Stay safe# keep learning

Er. Gurpreet Kaur


Stay home ,stay safe...keep learning.